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Our Affiliates and Subsidiaries.

Embectra Inc. is a Pickering, Ontario based Canadian company owning investments in a portfolio of subsidiaries that are engaged in a number of diverse business activities including media, finance, real estate, telecommunication, and e-commerce. Embectra also invests in global equities, innovative patents and intellectual rights.

Our Investments

Our top priority is to keep pace with the requirements of an ever-changing world. Embectra was established in the year 2000 as a financial investment company. Since then, we have gradually broadened our investment range and included real estate, patents and intellectual rights in our portfolio. Investment decisions in each sector are taken by a group of highly qualified analysts experienced in their sector.

A distinctive value-oriented process is implemented in screening all such opportunities. Analysts aim at establishing an optimal balance between value and income generation. Intended investment horizons usually medium (7) to long run (15 years).


Our Horizon

Geographies we like and invest in
Our Home and Native Land

Canada is a dynamic and prosperous country with steady growth, an abundance of natural resources and educated workforce. Canada led all G7 countries in economic growth during the past decade. Canada is politically very stable. The Alberta oil sands contain as much oil as the entire Middle East. Its banks are rated top in the world for financial strength and safety.

Rise of the Dragon.

China is the lynchpin of world’s emerging middle class, the primary consumer of commodities and a key driver of global growth. The most prominent aspect of China is of course the sheer size of its population. Rapidly developing infrastructure, steady resource availability and highly productive workforce makes China an indispensable investment destination.

Garland of America

Brazil has a growing consumer market and a high degree of economic diversification. It has a privileged location in the east-central part of South America, where it borders almost all the South America countries, Brazil is one of world’s largest producer of iron-oar, ethanol and agricultural products including coffee, sugar cane, soy, meat, chicken, and leather.

Will Shine.

Turkey is a fast growing country with a well diversified economy. The country is a major exporter of automobiles, machinery, jewelry and apparels. The nation enjoys proximity to Europe, the Gulf, Africa and all CIS countries. While Turkey might not join the EU in foreseeable future, its Customs Union with Europe delivers significant opportunities for Turkish manufacturers.

Too Big to be Ignored

Russia is the largest country in the world by area. This nation is adamantly striving to haul its economic dependence on oil and gas. Highly educated population and abundant natural resources points to a very bright future for its 145 million people. Russian equities are extremely cheap when compared to their European and North American counterparts.

Sound Fundamentals

Malaysian is a commodity-based economy with palm oil, crude oil and rubber being the major exports. Malaysia's key strengths include well-developed infrastructure and its productive workforce. It is a politically stable country with a well-developed legal system. Moreover, the country’s banking system is significantly resilient compared to other Asian emerging markets.

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